Do Epic Things In Life For Yourself and Others!

Our Mission

Inspire you to dream big and take action towards your goals so you can DETIL Do Epic Things In Life for yourself and others. 

What does Do Epic Things In Life Mean?

Taking action to help others through random acts of kindness. These selfless acts have a profound impact on people but more importantly they provide them with the strength and motivation to achieve their own goals. This is what life is all about because we are all in it together and when you change someone else’s life for the better you also change yours and that is EPIC. 

The second way we define Doing Epic Things In Life is by having BIG goals for yourself. In order to accomplish great things you have to define your future vision, work hard every day, make sacrifices, never give up, and always believe in yourself.

We are here to inspire you to reach for the stars, work towards your dream goals and give back to others. This is what DETIL is all about. 

DETIL = Do Epic Things In Life!

We carry out this ethos each day and believe strongly in giving back and helping others that's why a percentage of each order from our website will be donated to help others overcome major life challenges, diseases, and protect our planet so future generations have the opportunity to Do Epic Things In Life

DETIL is a USA based and operated company. 

Brands we carry: Champion, Gildan, Bella + Canvas, American Apparel,  Anvil, Flexfit, and Sportsman.